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Mini Framing Option 3.jpg

The free and easy way of displaying mini paintings is to lean them against a sturdy item, like a stack of books or a wall. Most of my paintings on board come with a sticky-backed or saw toothed hanger attached to the back. Wire hangers are attached to all works on cradle board.

Other options are to display paintings on mini wooden or acrylic hinged easels or to mount your new artwork on reclaimed wood or another sound surface.

Matted and framed artworks witout glass. Another option for encaustic framing.
Blue Heron painted with encaustic paint by Melissa Stephens. Painting is floating on archival linen matt board with a white frame.
A little artwork framed properly in a black floater frame. Best because they don't touch the edges of the painting.

Framing is a nice option, but it is important that you follow a few rules when framing encaustic artwork. If matting & framing in an enclosed style, be certain that the glass or plexiglas is raised above, and not touching the surface of your painting.


Leaving an encaustic painting exposed is a great option when framing. I recommend using what is called a "floater frame." A floater frame keeps the painting edges off and away from the frame's edge.

When the encaustic painting is left exposed, it allows you to lightly dust & buff the surface for a shiny top layer. Use a seamless, lint-free cloth, and gently rub in small circles across your artwork to brighten the shine.

Like all fine artwork, do not display your art in direct sunlight. Filtered or indirect sunlight is ok.

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