Keene Valley, 24 x 60 inches (diptych)

Location: Kirkwood, MO

Year: 2020

A friend approached me about creating this painting for her. An avid mountain climber and hiker, she had a specific design in mind, but also commented on attributes of other paintings of mine that she liked. After selecting the size and framing, we worked up a palette of colors, colaborated on the content, and agreed on the design of this painting. 

Commissioned Art

Beyond The Hill, 18 x 24 inches (diptych)

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Year: 2019

I met this married couple during a fund-raising event at our local library. Since we live in the same town, they visited my studio to learn more about my art and inspiration. In return, I visited their home to discuss the project and review the location planned for the artwork. We spent a while discussing sizes, dimensions and hanging options. Then I introduced them to my palette selection game, and we talked about family, travel and hobbies. These discussions help me determine what I will paint.

Commissioned Art, Encaustic Art

Blue Heron & Seascape I, 3 x 5 inches each

Location: Seattle, WA

Year: 2014

This client first saw and purchased my artwork from the A/NT Gallery in Seattle, Washington. He fell in love with the medium, and appreciated my vision. When he started looking for specific artwork, he inquired about commissioning a painting, or two. We discussed his desired imagary, based on my previous paintings at the gallery, reviewed his color choices, and decided how many paintings, their sizes and how they would be framed.