Commissioning a painting is as easy as ordering a coffee to go! This easy to follow menu walks you through my process. When you commission a painting, you help determine the size, colors, and assist with certain content and design elements.


Commissioned artworks are a perfect addition to your art collection. They are also great gifts to celebrate a friend, family member or co-worker. 

Let's Talk

If you live within a 60 mile radious of Walnut Creek, I will meet you at your home or place of business to discuss your artistic vision.

I have a time-tested process in place to help you realize your preferred colors, content, and overall design. 

Detail of a painting modeling the use of
The Edges

There are four choices for the edges of your art: framed, shou sugi ban, painted, stained or bare.


Framing choices are: black, white or brown floating wood frames from my excellent framer.


Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese process that involves torching, scraping and washing the edges creating a natural stain that highlights the grain of the wood.


Once the details are agreed upon, both parties will sign the contract, and the work will commence.

Note: 10% of the total price is due before work begins. This is a non-refundable deposit that protects the buyer. The deposit is subtracted from the total amount once the art is complete.


As soon as payment is accepted, the work will either be hand delivered or carefully packaged and shipped.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, and this amount is included in the contract. No surprises!


As the artist, I retain the copyright to my artwork. Although the work is commissioned, you still need written consent to alter or reproduce the painting.