Find out what's happening on my YouTube channel - a place where I share my expertise in the world of encaustic painting.


I currently post two shows each month: Fab15 and The Edge. The Fab15 is a prerecorded 15 minute show of me experimenting with a tool, technique, method or material for the very first time!


The Edge is a 40 minute live stream demonstration show. While I demonstrate, you can comment and ask questions, so that everyone can get the most from each session. I've listed my upcoming shows and their links below. Feel free to give me a thumbs up, subscribe, comment, or join me for a show sometime.

The Edge for 2020-2021 (Time is PST):

December 13th @10 am - The Heat Is On: An introduction to encaustic heating and fusing tools

January 10th @ 10 am - Creative Carving: Explore a variety of carving tools for encaustics

February 6th @ 2 pm - A Full Heart: Learn how to define spaces with line and pure color

March 6th @ 2 pm - Embedded: How to embed objects in your encaustic paintings

April 11th @ 2 pm - Seeing Double: Transfering images onto your paintings utilizing these tricks

May 2nd @ 10 am - Wax On, Wax Off: The ins and outs of the encaustic monotype

June 4th @ 10 am - Fall Into Line: Explore line contours - straight, angled and curved

July 16th @ 10 am - It's Acemic To Me: Acemic writing as pattern and design

August 1st @ 10 am - Shellac Burns: How shellac alters the surface of your encaustic paintings

September 5th @ 10 am - Burnin' Up: Prepare your substrates with various heating tools

October 3rd @ 10 am - Put On Your Mask: Successfully mask a straight edge, shape or pattern 

November 12th  @ 2 pm - Stamping Success: Steps to successful stamping in encaustic

December 5th @ 2 pm- Bring On The Bling: Metallics and all things shiny

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