Road Without End, 7 1_4 x 6 1_2 x 1 inch

Bay City News Foundation writer, Gina Gotsill, wrote Reflecting on our times through art, an Arts & Entertainment piece in the September 17, 2020, online Bay Area Local News Matters. This is a report on how artists' business perspectives and practices shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was interviewed for this story and my painting, "Road Without End" is featured.

This painting started as an abstract landscape watercolor on board before I added layers of encaustic paint, and collage. I was inspired by the beauty of the Ruth Bancroft Garden after sheltering in place.  The stenciled circles are a cellular shaped, stone border enclosing around a path. The metallic string represents the tight-rope, that is COVID. Like many of my paintings, this work comments on the fragile nature of our journey, but also the strength and resiliency we have to traverse it.