Collaborative Mandala Projects

Thank you for your participation in the 2022 Hope Lives: Art for ALS Mandala Project! Our goal is to work together as a community to create collaborative artwork that will be auctioned off at the Golden West Chapter’s Champions for Cures and Care Celebration! 

We are asking for people like YOU to create a pattern block measuring 4 x 4 inches or larger, which will be assembled into a larger mandala artwork, like the sun mandala featured below. ​Artistic experience is not necessary.

There are also 10 different mandala designs at the bottom of this page that you can download and color. These mandalas are featured at the Hope Lives art exhibition in San Francisco. You can complete any of these projects at home and then send your artwork to the emails or mail addresses provided.

Collaborative Sun Mandala Description:

The shining sun artwork (example bottom left) is an example of what our collaborative art will look like once everyone sends in their pattern blocks (examples bottom right). When added together, your pattern blocks will be transformed into the shapes that make up the larger design.

sun mandala.jpg

Sun Mandala by Jessica Trzaska

Sample design blocks by Melissa Stephens

Collaborative Mandala Sun Directions:

  1. Plan and create your own repetitive pattern on any 8 ½ x 11 sheet of white paper. Your design block should measure at least 4 x 4 inches. You can use your hands, toes, or your computer to create your pattern.

  2. Pick one or two colors for your pattern block, and be sure to leave some of your design without color to show off the pattern details.

  3. Choose any technique and medium that you would like: pen, finger or toe prints, colored pencil, crayon, paint, or a digital media creation application!

  4. Remember: you are creating one section of a larger piece of art! Each person’s unique contribution is appreciated and previous artistic experience is not necessary.

Mandala Download Directions:

  1. Download a mandala pdf of your choice on any 8 ½ x 11 sheet of white paper.

  2. Add color or different patterns inside each open space of the mandala design. Mandalas are about symmetry. One possibility is to mirror your patterns by picking spaces that are across from each other and adding the same color or design.

  3. Your mandala can be any color, medium and use any technique that you choose.


After completing your pattern block or printed mandala, take a photograph or scan your artwork and send it digitally to: Or, send your physical artwork to: 

The ALS Association Golden West Chapter,
PO Box 7082, Woodland Hills, CA 91365.

Mandala Downloads

Mandala 1
Mandala 6.jpg
Mandala 2.jpg
Mandala 7.jpg
Mandala 3.jpg
Mandala 8.jpg
Mandala 4.jpg
Mandala 9.jpg
Mandala 5.jpg
Mandala 10.jpg