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Experience the magic of this ancient art form!

Each class provides students with hands-on instruction, demonstrations and plenty of time to explore new ideas. Encaustic painting classes are perfect for a group gathering, date night, team building or individual adventure.

As classes begin again, please note that all measures are taken to maintain a clean and sanitized workspace. Face masks are now required in my studio. Maximum Class: 3

The Beginning Encaustic Painting Class is required before taking any other course

All students must be mature 18+ years old

All materials included, with additional cradle boards available for purchase

Payment due by date of class using cash, PayPal or ApplePay

3-Hour Class
4-Hour Class
5-Hour Workshop
6-Hour Workshop
Class Descriptions

Beginning Encaustic Painting

Prerequisite for All Other Classes

Come experience the freedom of painting with encaustic wax. This medium’s luminous qualities will have you hooked in no time. Students will learn about studio and propane torch safety, and are introduced to supplies and history of the encaustic medium. Demonstrations and instruction of various brush, fusing techniques and texture building, followed with time for students to create their own artwork.

Alcohol Ink

Beautiful and vibrant, alcohol inks blend and dance on an encaustic surface, and although fast drying, reactivate with a little rubbing alcohol. Come play - you will be delighted with your results. Students will learn techniques mixing alcohol inks and encaustic paint.

Fall Into Line​

Find your inner zen and fall into line. Creating line with encaustic paintings is poetic and therapeutic. Explore line contour - straight, angled and curved. Discover how a composition changes with line at its core. Learn how to create thick, thin, dark, light, solid and broken lines for surface area that is filled with visual interest and a lively composition.

Luminous Layers

Learn how to reveal embeded papers, photographs and and other collage materials through layers of clear encaustic medium. Dazzle friends and family with your visual storytelling. Instruction includes paper manipulation, printing, and layering. Students will also learn how to use oil sticks, pastels other small objects to enhance the surfaces of their paintings. Students are encouraged to bring their own papers, photos and collage materials.

Make Your Mark

To “make your mark” is the act of physically altering a surface to create a noticeable effect. It only takes a glance to understand the power of etched lines, carved images and amazing texture tools. Students will explore intaglio - filling etched lines with media, and intarsia - filling carved areas with encaustic paint. Sgraffito is an Italian word, which means to scratch through the surface to reveal layers.

Metallic Shine!  

In this class all that glistens is gold! Get your bling on and learn how to apply and manipulate metallic media with encaustic paint - such as gold leaf, leafing pens, metallic encaustic paint, transfer foil, metallic paste, powdered pigments and oil pastels. Your instructor will teach and demonstrate layering, stamping, scraping and revealing embedded metallic imagery. 

Photo Transfer & Mirrored Images

A picture is worth a thousand words... So, learn how to prepare various surfaces to receive black & white imagery or text using a photocopier, charcoal, carbon papers and typewriter tape. Students will also explore the process of adding color to their images using oil sticks and pastels.

Print and Pattern

NEW CLASS! Stamping in encaustic paint shows off depth and structure. It also creates beautiful patterns that accentuate the features of your painting. In this class, students will learn how to use metal, wood and linoleum stamps, as well as how to create layers of patters with a gel plate. 

Ring of Fire
I think Johnny Cash knew what he was talking about when he compared love to a ring of fire, because you will LOVE this “hot” new class! Students will explore wood burning & stamping, burned embedded imagery and how to create texture with burned surfaces.

Rust is a desirable feature in encaustic paintings. Students will learn how to create rust patterns and shapes using every-day materials and layer them to create intricately beautiful paintings. Honestly - this class is rustworthy.

Shellac 101

Burning shellac adds visual interest, shine and definition to encaustic art. Instruction is given on how to apply shellac colors, safely set the shellac on fire and fuse the shellac in a thoughtful way. Experiment using design basics with this versatile medium.

Shellac – Beyond Basics

This class is for students who have basic experience with shellac burns and are ready to explore new techniques and improve their skills in mastering the manipulation of this medium. Students will learn how to mix Shellac colors, write or draw with shellac and alter results by addling other media to these surfaces. There will be a focus on layering shellac in a way that enhances the overall painting.

Strong Foundations

A work of art is nothing without a great foundation. In this class, students will experiment with different substrate (surface) materials, such as burned wood glue, spackle, plaster tape and wall texture, to name a few. Building texture with encaustic paint can take a long time, so why not get a jump start with these wonderful materials, each creating a different look and feel.

Stencils - The Art of Pattern
Learn the art of layering and creating pattern as a main element of a painting. Students will be given a quick review of encaustic painting, after which they will have time to explore and practice various advanced encaustic art techniques. The workshop will cover  masking, pre-fabricated stencils, making stencils and methods of fusing. There will also be demonstrations showing how oil sticks and pastels can augment the students’ use of stencils and the encaustic medium.

Studio Session

Studio Sessions are a benefit for experienced students only; Beginning Encaustic is a prerequisite. Studio hours are offered monthly, and may be used for students who want to brush up on their skills or to play with paint and relax - creating art that you love. Melissa is available to answer questions, but no new techniques are taught during studio hours. Stay as little or as long as the session allows. Bring your projects, or buy boards from the studio. Studio costs $25/hour, plus $10 for paint. Boards are extra.


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