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A little art can go a long way. 55% of all sales from this gallery goes to the ALS Therapy Development Institute. Share this gallery so we can make an impact for my sister, Lynn, and others like her. Become a Warrior of Hope! As Lynn says in this video, "ALS is not incurable; it's underfunded. We need to go FASTER!"

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease in which a person's brain loses its connection with the muscles. People lose their ability to walk, eat, talk and breathe.


The ALS Therapy Development Institute's (ALS TDI) mission is to bridge the gap in preclinical development of therapies for people with ALS, and bring effective treatments to people living with ALS as quickly as possible. ALS TDI is now the world's foremost ALS drug disovery lab focused solely on ALS.

  • Contact me to purchase a painting and sign up for my newsletter to receive updates about this fundraiser.

  • Wondering how to display your mini painting? Get your answer here.

  • Tax is added at point of sale. Shipping for all paintings is an additional $8. 

Thank You!

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